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To have an impeccable appearance that would emphasize the maximum dignity and hide some shortcomings - one of the preferential wishes of modern fashionistas. Sometimes while walking along the streets we get the impression that most of the beauties seem to have come off the podiums, and we ourselves have "something, somewhere wrong".

But, in fact, we are doing well and even fine, we just need to ask ourselves a little deeper question how to find the right clothes for ourselves. And consider the women's secrets of beauty, which do not cause discomfort, but rather make a good emphasis on our individuality and help us to express ourselves.

And no matter how banal it sounds, the main advice or even a postulate in life - love yourself for who you are! This feeling will not come with a new trendy outfit, it will not help to achieve beautiful costume jewelry or expensive stylish jewelry. It's what comes from the inside. Confidence, smile, light rays of the sun in the eye and a little mystery. It's hard not to notice such a girl and stay indifferent.

In addition, women's secrets of attraction is to listen to fashion, but not blindly trust her. After all, each of us knows what suits her, and what is better to refuse. Whether it's dress style, blouse color, pants or skirt print. And what's relevant today won't always be a hit next season. And it's more rational to create a universal fashion image, rather than give in to the minute emotion. Although on the other hand, if there are resources and such an opportunity, then why not. Being happy is also a leader on the list of women's secrets.

How to pick up clothes...

First of all, decide on the color type. Shade of skin, eyes, hair - nature itself will tell you how to pick up clothes of the appropriate tone, which will most successfully express and complement you. Pick a few favorite basic items in the wardrobe separately light for spring and summer, and warmer for autumn and winter and play with them.

The type of figure undoubtedly plays a big part. Don't worry about how to choose clothes if the proportions of the silhouette are not perfect. Model appearance is more a rarity than a pattern. Pear, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle create a feminine and seductive bow can be for everyone. Make a vivid accent on those body elements that suit you and cover it gently, which is a bit imperfect.

The texture of the fabric, as well as its pattern, has the same meaning. Airy and delicate with voluminous or abstract colours for ladies with shapes will be very useful. Dense fitting material and clear boundaries of colours - for the slimmer ones.

Beautiful jewellery in the arsenal

Designers' opinions often diverge in the dilemma of whether beautiful jewellery is needed for an exemplary outfit. Depending on the event, the purpose of the launch and the appropriateness of such additions, of course there are. But, to have stylish jewelry made of natural stones, wood or even plastic, will not be superfluous - it is undoubtedly. As they say, just in case a couple of sets let them lie.

Stylish jewelry can elegantly decorate a strict dress code or highlight effectively at a party. Just follow the golden rule from Chanel: " While choosing accessories, take off what you wear last".

  • Jun 02, 2020
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