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Clothes in mood color!

Mood color: what is your mood color today?

In today's frenzied rhythm of city life it's very difficult to be always in an upbeat state of mind, to be on a positive wave. A lot of stressful situations, exhausting work schedule, lack of sleep, household problems leave their mark on a good mood. But the good news is that you can try to minimize the manifestation of these harmful factors. One of the best ways to use bright colors in your clothes. In this case, you will be able to bring joy not only to yourself, but also to others, because it is scientifically proven that the color range is very deeply affect the consciousness of people. And the color of the mood directly depends on the palette that you prefer in their appearance. So it is worth thinking that such a favorite and practical black clothing can have a bad effect on your overall health, contribute to depression and energy loss. Emphasize the cheerful warm tones of yellow and warm everyone like the sun. Dress boldly in red onions and enthuse your friends or colleagues. Play every day with new colors to be unique. Let's create our own mood color.

Bright colors - paint your world.

What will you choose, black clothes or red outfit? Rich pink or muted gray? Believe me, only on the basis of the answers to these simple questions, we can already say something about you. Whether you love to be in the spotlight or want to stay in the shadows as much as you are alive, cheerful and happy. What are the main images chosen by those who walk to meet fate with a smile? Definitely the fact that they are dominated by bright colors.

The most advantageous are the colors that are in contrast: blue - orange, red - green, purple - yellow.

If you are a fan of pastel shades, you can easily dilute them with some bright color.

For example, on a pale pink sundress you can put a jacket of fuchsia color. Or to total beige bow pick up bright accessories and shoes.

Red look for strong bossy and temperamental people

A bright red dress is a favorite in terms of attractiveness for women. No one will be able to remain indifferent and not to turn their eyes on a lady dressed in such a product. Many people use this technique to attract the interest of the opposite sex to their person, and we must admit that they are doing well enough. Whatever outfit you wear, if it is present in red, you will radiate self-confidence, active life position, authority.

Dark red jacket with a pencil skirt and black shirt - and you are the star of any event.

Also successful this set will look and white blouse, but it is more for daytime meetings. Well, if you're an extraordinary person at all, try to combine it with a dirty blue top. Very cheeky and quite interesting.

The highlight of the outfit will be a red blouse with a bow in an entertaining print. It can be complemented by a slightly flared midi skirt length with slits in front.

Forget, at least for a while, that you have black clothes in your closet, and add brightness and fun to your everyday life.

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