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"Fashion passes and style remains," said the great Coco Chanel. And it's hard not to agree with her. After all, world designers present their collections at fashion shows every six months. Trends and tastes change very quickly and the answer to the question of how to dress fashionably sounds every season in a new way.

Of course, it is important and even necessary to keep up to date and keep your finger on the pulse. But, is it worth to submit to everyone's delight and blindly follow the novelty, even if these are the brightest clothing trends 2020? Probably not. Because, fashion style, it's not so much about the things themselves, but about the ability to pick them up and wear them, while feeling comfortable and irresistible.

Fashion style is an extension of the man himself, not a separate part of him. That's why what goes one will not be ideal for another. We are all different in its external configuration and especially internally. And the main rule that is appropriate to remember - each of us individuality and express it in the best light can only if you love yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Be sincere with yourself and fashion style personifying and emphasizing your personality will be formed very clearly. And then the matter of technology, a few relevant updates and the task of how to dress fashionably will go away forever.

Clothing Trends 2020 what to choose

Skin, total denim or neon. Dazzling fuchsia or blue-electric. Universal black and white cell or images of tropical flora and fauna. Fashion trends 2020 is a kind of mix in which everyone finds preferences to their liking.

Even a practical alcoholic shirt has found its place in this abundance. Not to mention stripes, peas and geometric abstractions of various sizes. Volumetric sleeves and extra-deep necklines for spectacular ladies. Cute lace and shiny mother-of-pearl for the sensitive and refined.

Variations are versatile and all-encompassing. All you have to do is listen to yourself and find harmony.


  • May 05, 2020
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